GSTOS Recognitions by ATOS

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

The American Theatre Organ Society, our parent organization, has presented a number of awards to GSTOS members, and granted historic designations to two of our instruments:

Youth Awards:

 Hobbyist Division Competition:

William N. Daniels
Second Place, 2000

John Becica
Second Place, 1998
Third Place, 1999

Paul Jacyk
Second Place, 1999
Third Place, 1997

David L. Junchen Technical Scholarship:

Paul Jacyk
Second Place, 2004

ATOS Mentor Program:

Paul Jacyk
Second Place, 2004

ATOS Hall of Fame:

ATOS Organist of the Year:

Crew Chief Certificate of Service:

Bob Martin

National Registry of Historic & Significant Instruments:

“LEVEL I, HERITAGE: Instruments which present a faithful picture of what the theatre organ was like in its golden age.

Any theatre organ which has been preserved intact, recognizable as its original opus. Allowable modifications include replacement of generator with a rectifier, minor stop changes without modification of console operating mechanisms, minor modifications in winding or electrical system if such was necessary in order to solve an inherent problem or was dictated by needs of installation if relocated.”