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Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Garden State Theatre Organ Society

 PO Box 65, Rahway, NJ   07065


President- Michael Cipolletti
1st Vice President, Program Chair – Bernie Anderson
2nd Vice President, Organ Crews – Paul Citti
Secretary- Cathy Martin
Treasurer-  Lee Popick


Webmaster  Scott Miller – Bernie Anderson    
TO Journal Correspondent Cathy Martin
Archivist & Hospitality  Barbara Bacon
Balfour Library at Loew’s  Eric Fahner
Membership Ethel Vircik

Newsletter Editor Carol Miller 

Newsletter Layout & E-Mail Blasts Robin Fox
Long Range Planning Cathy Martin
Publicity  Need Volunteer!
CD Sales Georgiana Paril

Sunshine Chair Cathie Oliver
Facebook Administrator  Denise Andersen
– Brett Miller

Organ Crew Chiefs

Loew’s Jersey 4/23 Wonder Morton Bob Martin
Trenton War Memorial 3/16 Möller Michael Cipolletti
Newark Symphony Hall 3/15 Griffith-Beach Bob Martin
Rahway Sr Center 3/10 Rainbow Room Wurlitzer Mike Fox
Brook PAC 3/10 Wurlitzer  Calvin Bacon
Venue to be determined 3/20 Wurlitzer  Barbara Bacon

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