Andrew Van Varick

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Winner of the ATOS Young Organist Competition in 2014,  Andrew Van Varick was also named the ATOS Student of the Year in 2011. His teacher is well known New Jersey and New York organist John Baratta. Enthusiastic about theatre organ style playing, Andrew has attended all of the ATOS Summer Youth Adventure camps since inception until recently. After seven years at the camp, Andrew sees immense possibilities as a career musician. His home practice instrument is a Rodgers Trio 321 electronic theatre organ. He also rescued an older Allen classical instrument from a dumpster, at which he practices classical and church music. He says he tries to play every day, dividing his time between piano and organ. Having varied musical interests, he also studied the violin for 8 years, but then switched to playing the viola. He takes private lessons in classical piano as well.

His grandmother plays piano and is a Church Organist in Delaware, and his sister, Katie (his biggest fan and critic) is an accomplished musician as well,  many times sharing the stage with him playing the cello, violin, or viola.
Andrew has played keyboards for productions at three high schools, a middle school, a homeschool fine arts center and two colleges. Among his credits are productions of Phantom of the Opera, Sweeny Todd, Into the Woods, Legally Blonde, Seusical, Anything Goes, Les Mis, and Little Shop of Horrors. He says it was a lot of work, but a great experience. He currently substitutes at the organ for services at several churches. He is also an eight year member of the Sussex County Youth Orchestra, and played the violin on a tour with them to England and France.

Besides performing Andrew also has a passion for arranging and loves orchestration, not only for theatre organ, but also for small ensemble and full orchestra. Using Finale music composing and notation software he has arranged a substantial repertoire for violin/cello/piano. These arrangements are regularly played by a trio consisting of sister Katie on cello, friend Emma on violin, and Andrew on piano. They have played for quite a few dinners and special events in their local area around Newton, N.J.
Andrew was awarded the 2010 Legacy Fund Scholarship by the New Sussex Symphony in recognition of his talent and dedication to his musical training, and the President’s Award for Youth Performance by the County College of Morris for his contribution to their 2012-2013 musical productions.
Homeschooled through high school, Andrew currently attends Montclair State University where he is majoring in organ performance. We have heard this young upcoming musician on theatre pipes several times recently. In all his performances he has dazzled the audience with his great confidence, style and talent.

Andrew Van Varick, pianist, Emma Kline, violinist, Katie Van Varick, cellist.
All in their younger days!


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