Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel 3/13 Robert Morton

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

(Former Broadway Theatre)
Broadway between 76th and 77th Streets
North Bergen, N.J.

Chapel Façade

Chapel Interior – Straight on View

Chapel Interior – Side View

“New Console”


This 3/13 Robert Morton Theatre Pipe Organ was originally installed in 1928 in the Embassy Theatre located in the Woodcliffe neighborhood of North Bergen, N.J.

The Broadway Theatre was also located in North Bergen on Broadway between 76th and 77th Streets. When the Broadway closed, its auditorium was repurposed to become the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel a satellite of Saint Joseph of the Palisades Roman Catholic Church, West New York, N.J. At the time of the Broadway’s conversion, the 3/13 Morton was removed from the Embassy and placed in the new Chapel.

The organ was installed in chambers which speak into the sanctuary, rather than the main seating space. Thus, the clergy find it to be quite loud. After installation at Immaculate Heart, the console keydesk was badly damaged by fire, and GSTOS was contracted to repair it.

The old damaged console was removed and replaced. GSTOS co-founder Walter Froehlich acquired a “new” 3/13 Robert Morton console for the instrument. This console originally controlled the 3/13 organ installed in 1927 at the Loew’s Yonkers Theatre. GSTOS crew members spent many hours rebuilding and attaching the “new” console to the pipes.

The organ is used for church services and concerts. In more recent years Jeff Barker maintained the instrument with loving care and had been the organist for the chapel. Following the death of Jeff Barker, and due to lack of manpower, GSTOS has not been involved with this instrument for quite some time.