Members and Friends are asked once a year to offer a donation to our organ preservation and restoration mission.  This is part of our long-term financial plan that will be able to support our organ collection into the future.  There are a few reasons that I will present why this is important.  

We own five pipe organs.  This collection includes excellent examples of organ builders and styles.  It also presents an expense because of the rapidly increasing cost of materials and because these organs are all in the century-old range.

Our Crews have gotten smaller.  In this edition, alone, we post two Closing Chords and we lost another member a few months ago.  This has created a smaller number of workers to do the same, unending job.  We found it necessary to farm-out work to organ repair companies and they are not volunteers as are our crews.  Thus, we have incurred new expenses.

We offer many of our concerts and presentations open-door and free to the attendees as part of our mission to keep theatre organ music alive and current.  The artists are paid professionals and compensated for their expertise from years of study.  We must pay royalties and copywrites.  And we maintain a web-site that is a resource to the community to keep this musical art form in the public eye.

Membership dues do not cover the cost of operation, insurance, and associated costs of doing business.  We have an investment team that works to build our financial portfolio.  And we ask for financial support from those who have a preservation mind to support us as well.  Every member of our administrative team and crew is strictly volunteer.  All money and donations go directly to our projects and programs.

At this time of year, when organizations appeal for year-end donations, we hope that you find GSTOS to be privileged to receive your support.  And, as a preservationist of this art form, we hope you will take advantage of our musical offerings!  Remember, we are a 501.c.3, tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  

Donations will be recognized at the following levels:

    Post Horn- over $500

    Tibia- up to $500

    Concert Flute- up to $250

    Vox Humana- up to $100

    Kinura- up to $50

Once compiled, we will print an Honor Roll of Donors in the first edition of the 2024.

Thanks for your consideration,