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Loew's Jersey

4/23 Robert-Morton Theatre Organ
Loew's Jersey Theatre - Jersey City

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Garden State Theatre Organ Society (GSTOS) was founded in 1973 to preserve the historic tradition of the Theatre Pipe Organ in American music. Based in northern and north-central New Jersey, we restore remaining specimens of the instrument where possible, encourage theatres to preserve them, and showcase them to the public for entertainment.

We are one of the many nationwide chapters of the American Theatre Organ Society and have over 225 members. Members get together for monthly events at theatres, other businesses, and homes.

GSTOS owns five Theatre Pipe Organs and maintains a total of seven. In addition, a number of our members have pipe or electronic theatre organs in their homes.

The Garden State Theatre Organ Society, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Contributions to further the Society’s goals are tax deductible.

Members have many interests, for example:

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GSTOS Featured On The Web

May 14, 2011 -- Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism student, Joy Ma, who is a writer/reporter and has had experience as an  NPR reporter, learned of theatre organ and became curious of this American art form.  She contacted us and interviewed members at the Rainbow Room organ installation at Rahway Senior Citizens Center and again at the Robert Morton pipe organ installation at Landmark Loew's Jersey theatre.  After hours of recording and interviewing in New York and New Jersey, Joy Ma compiled a short radio feature for Columbia Radio (at Columbia University).  She included samples of the organs and featured four different speakers.  Although she is a musician, it is most interesting to hear the impressions of a non-organist and her perceptions of the unit orchestra.

Loew's Jersey Wonder Morton on NBC TV...

November 7, 2008

Loew's Jersey Wonder Morton in the "Star Ledger"...

October 3, 2008

Theatre Pipe Organ, What´s that?

The Theatre Pipe Organ was developed in the early 1900's by Robert Hope-Jones to replace expensive live orchestras that accompanied silent films. Playable by only one person, it is called a "unit orchestra" because it contains many ranks of pipes that imitate a full range of orchestral instruments, as well as real percussions and sound effects. 

The sound is unmatched! From the power of a symphony orchestra, to the whisper of a single flute or violin, the Theatre Pipe Organ fascinates and thrills all who hear it.

Theatre Organs can play virtually any type of music from classical, to 1930’s music, modern popular music, show tunes, movie scores and jazz.

Want to see and hear a theatre pipe organ?  Here are some examples on YouTube that illustrate the many types of music that can be made on theatre organs. These links are provided as an educational resource. If you like these examples you are encouraged to take advantage of the frequent opportunities in and around NJ to hear theatre organs at live events. 

The sound of theatre organs is shaped by the space they are in. Often they lived in spacious movie palaces, where their sound could swirl around, reverberate, and mix. Pure sonic delight! A prime example of such a movie palace in NJ is the 3100 seat Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre in Jersey City built in 1929. A group called Friends of the Loew's is renovating the theatre and GSTOS has installed a "Wonder Morton" theatre pipe organ, almost exactly like the one originally there.

Loew's Jersey Lobby Loew's Jersey Theatre

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Vice President
& Program Chairman
Michael Cipolletti
Sy Mendel
Cal Bacon
2nd Vice President,
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George Andersen 

Newsletter Editor
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Gabriel DellaFave
Membership Chairperson 
John C. Kaiser

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