What is a Theatre Organ?

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

The King of Instruments!

An elaborate residence Theatre Pipe Organ installation.
(Note the organ pipe chambers on either side of the elaborately decorated white console)

The Theatre Pipe Organ is a uniquely American musical instrument.  It was developed in the early 1900's by organist and inventor Robert Hope-Jones to replace expensive live orchestras that accompanied silent films. Playable by only one person, the theatre organ is called a "unit orchestra" because it contains many ranks of pipes that imitate a full range of orchestral instruments, as well as real percussion instruments played from the console, and sound effects used for silent films.

Robert Hope-Jones

Unlike classical instruments, the organ console is set up in a “horseshoe” configuration. Pulsations of air through the pipes enable a unique vibrato effect that magnifies the sonic experience.

The resulting sound is unmatched! From the power of a symphony orchestra, to the whisper of a single flute or violin, the Theatre Pipe Organ fascinates and thrills all who hear it.

Theatre Organs can play virtually any type of melodic music from classical, to 1930’s music, modern popular music, show tunes, movie scores, orchestral transcriptions, and even jazz.