Loew’s Jersey Concerts and Events, 2008 – Present

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

4/23 Bob Balfour Memorial Wonder Morton Theatre Pipe Organ


October 3- 5 WONDER WEEKEND – Organ Debut
Rio Clemente Reception – Piano Music
Jelani Eddington – Organ Concert
Lew Williams – Organ Concert
Dennis James – Silent Film Accompaniment
Ralph Ringstad, Jr. – Organ with the Silver Starlite Orchestra


March 8 Tom Hoehn organ concert
Avery Tunningly piano
June 13 Paul Citti Miniconcert
Nov 22 Paul Citti Miniconcert

Original Marquee – December, 1930


May 2 David Peckham concert with the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
October 2 Christian Elliot concert


May 1 Don Kinnier concert
May 7 Bob Maidhof concert
Oct 9 Jelani Eddington concert


March 4 Simon Gledhill concert
August 12 Ed Alstrom concert
November 17 Anderson, Jr. concert


April 14 Rosemary Bailey concert
October 6 Bernie Anderson silents My Best Girl, & Movie Night, plus sing-a-long


April 6 Mark Herman silent, Steamboat Bill
April 13 Bernie Anderson, Jr. Private Event for NJ, PA & NY Audiophiles.
Organ tour, miniconcert, silent shorts, sing-a-long, open console.
Oct 5 Bernie Anderson, Jr. silent The Big Parade


April 12 Nathan Avakian concert
Oct 4 Bernie Anderson, Jr. 1927 Showcase Spectacular
Silents It, Love ‘em and Weep, KoKo the Clown Cartoon,
1927 Newsreel, Soloist Arianna Armon.


April 3 Bob Maidhof Showcase Spectacular.
Silent Fiddlesticks, Soloists Lorraine Ernest, Stuart Scheer
Oct 2


Bernie Anderson, Jr. Showcase Spectacular II
Silent Son of a Shiek, Dog Shy, Cartoon, Newsreel,
Soloist Claire Avakian

New Marquee, Original Vertical Sign

April 29         
Nathan Avakian in concert with vocalist Claire Avawkian, plus Carey Grant & Rosalind Russell
in 1940 talkie “His Girl Friday” 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Jersey Journal. VIP afterparty.

March 4
Tedde Gibson accompanies Harold Lloyd in “Speedy”with Theatre Organ Instruction for Music Students.