Wallington 3/11 Wurlitzer

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Pasquaye Residence
Wallington, N.J.

Many members will recall good times at the George Pasquaye residence in Wallington, N.J. George, a professional organ technician with Peragallo Organ Company in Paterson, had a beautifully restored 2 Manual Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ in his home. Opus 1573 was originally installed in the Bates Theatre, Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1927, and moved to several locations before George acquired it and expanded it to a 2/11 with beautiful grand piano.

Following George’s death, the New York Theatre Organ Society acquired the instrument for a public venue on Long Island. The deal fell through, as did one for another Long Island venue. NYTOS finally gave the instrument to the famous Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. to be restored and used in one of their practice rooms. Tom Stehle of NYTOS, reports that unfortunately, the Pasquaye organ did not end up at Eastman either. After several years of dormancy in a storage container out on Long Island, NYTOS paid to have it shipped to Rochester. The group there determined that the organ had deteriorated beyond their ability to restore it. They gave it to one of their members who is working on it with the hope of installing it in his home.