New Britain 2/11 Hybrid Theatre Pipe Organ

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Molesworth Residence
New Britain, Pa.

The owners of this residence installation have transformed their basement into a 21 seat movie theatre, complete with a 2/11 Hybrid Theatre Pipe Organ designed and built by the owner. The instrument features sets of pipes hand picked for a perfect sweet sound. The ranks include a Morton Tibia, Skinner Tromba, a rare Estey wooden saxophone, Estey oboe, Wurlitzer percussions, and toy counter. The organ is connected to a roll player that can play 4 different types of organ rolls. The theatre also features two 16 mm movie projectors, plus seats, lights and wall trimmings from old movie palaces.

Upstairs is a room devoted to the owner’s musical instrument collection. A band organ, built in the style of a Wurlitzer 165 graces one wall. A Seaburg Style E. Nickelodeon features a piano and xylophone. The room also contains carousel horses, many vintage radios and phonographs, and a host of other mechanical musical instruments. The living room features a 1928 5’ 8” Weber Spanish Art Case Duo-Art reproducing piano.

In 2016 the owner has passed away and his widow is selling his collections. The
2/11 Hybrid Theatre Pipe Organ is going to the American Treasure Tours memorabilia display in Oaks, PA.