Henry T Appenzeller

Experience the sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Henry T. Appenzeller is an organist, keyboard musician, and friend of the now defunct Hammond Organ Society of New Jersey. Henry is based in Lebanon, NJ, from which he travels to a variety of venues. He studied organ with well known Theatre Organist Jerry Mendelson. For many years Henry played regular pre-movie concerts at the 2/6 Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton, PA. He has been organist and choir director at the United Methodist Church in Cokesbury, N.J. since 1985, and assistant organist at the United Methodist Church in Fairmont since 1997. Henry has performed frequently for the Shriners in Livingston, playing his various keyboards for dances and social events. Several restaurants have invited Henry to set the musical tone for their customers, and Henry plays for private parties as well. His long list of different types of audiences demonstrates his versatility. He is a creative artist who spends time experimenting to find just the right combination of sounds to enhance the melodies he provides for his audience’s listening pleasure. Henry recently acquired a Hammond Elegante, one of Hammond’s deluxe model organs with all the bells and whistles from the 1980’s.


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